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   Sometimes I am more compassionate, loving and kind to a stranger than I am to those in my family or my closest friends. I wonder why it is easier to honor and respect someone I hardly know than it is to show the same, honor and respect for my husband, family members or close friends?

    The ones that our closest to us, we get to know intimately—the good, the bad and the ugly. We see all their faults and shortcomings and sometimes they can 'get under our skin.' They in turn see all our faults and shortcomings and sometimes we get 'under their skin' as well. What are we to do?

    How do we turn contempt for each other into being content with each other? For me and for all of us we don't have to look far for the answer. Turn your eyes toward Jesus and see how He loves each of us with our faults and shortcomings. Jesus meets us where we are at and loves us unconditionally warts and all.

    Today I will put into practice loving those close to me with an encouraging word or an act of kindness instead of only seeing the things that bug me about them. If by God's grace I can look beyond all the yuck and see the positive qualities, then I am loving as Jesus loves.

    It requires a daily effort to honor and respect those close to us with a smile, a hug or a compliment. As we honor those who at times, 'get under our skin', we find that our contempt for them turns into a loving contentment.


Jesus help me to treat the ones closest to me the way I want to be treated. “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” John 15:12


You do not know what your are asking. Can you drink the cup I am going to drink? They said to him, “We can.” Matthew 20: 22


    Jesus asks each of us can you drink the cup I am going to drink? Sounds like a simple straightforward question.

“You mean if I drink the cup that you, Jesus drank, I am going to experience suffering, pain, rejection, humiliation, persecution and endure sacrifices? Maybe I should think about this for awhile.”

    “This is a tough question. Perhaps you should check in with me later. After I have more time, I will serve you more but I just don't have the time right now. I am busy trying to make ends meet, to be successful, to be noticed by my boss and others. With a million and one excuses I acknowledge that I'm just not ready to commit my life to you. Sounds too tough for me. Choose someone else that is better equipped.”

    If we wait to serve Jesus when all our goals and plans are attained, we miss the greatest adventure of our lives. Jesus invites each of us right where we are at. Don't miss this opportunity to serve the Master along side of other pilgrims on the journey.

   Surrender your life to Jesus and He will transform your life. Even in the midst of pain and suffering, you will know joy that is beyond any of the so called successes you achieve. Jesus is counting on you to be a great fisher of souls for his Kingdom.



Jesus, I surrender to you. By your grace and strength Lord, I am ready to drink the cup that you endured.


...There is something greater than Solomon here...” Luke 11:31


   When I enter a Catholic Church the first thing I do after blessing myself with holy water, is to look for the Tabernacle where our Lord Jesus Christ is truly present. Jesus Christ is truly present Body, Soul, Blood and Divinity in the Blessed Sacrament. I am always so pleased when the Blessed Sacrament is front and center on the Altar where I can bow or genuflect to show my reference to Jesus.

    The difference in entering a non-catholic church compared to entering a Catholic Church is that the other churches are just buildings. Some may be quite beautiful and inviting. But take away the decor and you just have a building. However a Catholic Church is more than just a building, it is where the Blessed Sacrament is present. I experience Jesus' peace, joy and love by quietly sitting in front of the Tabernacle.

    I was watching one of Mother Angelica Classics the other day on EWTN and she was talking about the Blessed Sacrament. She said that some Catholic Churches took the Tabernacle and put it on the side of the Church or in a spare room or God forbid in a closet. If Jesus came to your home, would you put him in a spare room, closet or on the side of your home where no one could visit him? Of course not; you would give him a special place where all could come and sit at his feet.

    Jesus invites everyone to come and sit in His presence near Him in the Blessed Sacrament. Indeed there is something greater than Solomon in our Catholic Churches. It is Jesus Christ himself. May we always come to our Eucharistic Jesus in our need, our suffering, and our joy. He is our Savior and the best friend you will ever have on earth and in Heaven.




Is Jesus speaking to your heart? --“I thirst, I thirst for souls. I desire for you to come to Me. I am your Eucharistic King. I thirst for souls. I wait for you in the silence. I ask you to come into My Eucharistic Presence now, I am here. I am waiting to fill you anew with My mercies of love. I desire to make you whole. Come! You are invited.”









    Saint Ignatius of Antioch was introduced to me by our parish priest at a recent homily.

    He was a first century saint and was born in Syria. Ignatius converted to Christianity and eventually became bishop of Antioch. In the year 107, Emperor Trajan visited Antioch and forced the Christians there to choose between death and apostasy. Ignatius would not deny Christ and thus was condemned to be put to death in Rome.

   Ignatius’s great concern was for the unity and order of the Church. Even greater was his willingness to suffer martyrdom rather than deny his Lord Jesus Christ. He did not draw attention to his own suffering, but to the love of God which strengthened him. He knew the price of commitment and would not deny Christ, even to save his own life.

    He willingly suffered martyrdom. The day of his martyrdom, he was thrown into the Colosseum. Built in 70 A.D. Rome's Colosseum has been the site of celebrations, sporting events and bloodshed. It is a place where the early Christians were mauled to death by the lions for their believe in Jesus and His Church.  

   Ignatius was dressed in his priestly garments as he entered the Colosseum. As the lions attacked his left and right side of him, Ignatius raised his hands to Heaven. The lions hung on to his flesh, but he continued to keep his hands, heart and eyes raised to Heaven.

    I was inspired at the image of two lions hanging on to his flesh yet Ignatius kept his eyes on Jesus and his Heavenly home. I thought about how we each have our 'lions' hanging on to us trying to pull us down.

   What are these 'lions' gnawing and chewing at us from each side? It could be our addictions that will not let go easily. It could be our worry and anxiety that is trying to consume us and beat us down. It could be our doubts that keep us from fully trusting in Jesus in all things. It could be our pride that shouts “You don't need God.”

    We can like Saint Ignatius trust and raise our hands to God our Father and proclaim, “In you, Lord my God, I put my trust. I trust in you; do not let me be put to shame, nor let my enemies triumph over me.” Psalm 25: 1-2


Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

   After 24 years of faithful service, our mail lady has retired. We live in a rural area with nearly 500 mailboxes on her route. Nancy drove her white station-wagon with the bright USPS mail sign on her car. Nancy also brought her dog with her on her route.

    Along with delivering the mail to everyone on her route, she left a dog biscuit in the mail box for those who had dogs. Well it didn't take long before all the dogs in the neighborhood would start barking when the white station-wagon was spotted. They all knew they were getting a mail-lady biscuit. Annie our dog just loved those mail-lady biscuits even though the biscuits we give her are the same brand. There was just something magical about those mail-lady biscuits.

    Frequently when Annie and I were out for our walk, Annie would spot the mail-lady in her white station-wagon coming down the road. It was very difficult to contain the 90 pound dog. She just got so excited because she knew a mail-lady biscuit would soon be delivered in the mailbox. Even if we didn't get mail, Annie always got a mail-lady biscuit.

    Nancy will be missed by all the people she served for years. I know all the dogs are going to miss her so much. She not only was a faithful worker but she showered her love on all the dogs in our neighborhood and that love was transferred to us as well. She made her job a ministry of love for all God's puppies, large and small.

   If the dogs could, I am sure that they would throw her a retirement party. They would bring their wagging tails and puppy dog kisses and of course Nancy would supply the mail-lady biscuits.

  Thank you Jesus for blessing us with Nancy who brought much sunshine and laughter into our lives.






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16.03 | 14:30

Yes indeed. Praise God. Mother Angelica is right on with those words of wisdom.

16.03 | 07:23

Mother Angelica once said "the only way to Christ is through the Cross.

08.03 | 16:56

Connie, how beautiful and true!

25.02 | 18:38

Sunday Feb. 25 Connie today I was one of "least of my brethren". And you did it unto me." Love Leila