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Snow Child

 Walkerville Winter Adventures

By Connie

Walkerville is a small community nestled on top of a mountain looking down on the city of Butte, Montana. For me growing up in Walkerville especially in the winter was a place of endless adventure.

For those of us who are familiar with Montana winters this should not come as any surprise to know when it snows in Butte it seems that the snow just keeps hanging around all winter. However when it snows in Walkerville you can plan on the snow staying all winter and well into spring. If Butte gets three inches of snow, then you can rest assured that Walkerville will be blessed with a few more inches.

Along with the snow comes chains for your vehicles or good studded snow tires. But from a child’s world, winter in Walkerville became a winter wonderland.

I remember ice-skating at the outdoor ice skating rink located a rock’s throw away from my house. It seemed like it took forever to put on the layers of clothing for my skating outing. However, once on the ice skating rink, I forgot about the cold. When my feet and toes were numb and seemed to be frozen in place, I would stumble stiffly to the huge bond fire near the ice skating rink to deice my fingers and my toes. After about 15 minutes of warming up my hands, feet, and face out on the ice I would race. My friends and I would stay on the ice until there was no more wood for the fire or until dinnertime.

I must admit as an adult, I have become a wimp. I don’t like being out in the cold and if my hands or feet get cold, they hurt like crazy. I complain a lot about how cold it is. I probably sustained my share of frostbite growing up without evening knowing it, but from a child's view point it was all worth it.

Perhaps winter is more than shoveling snow, plugging in vehicles, warming up cars and scrapping car windshields, and cautiously driving on the slippery roads . As I look out my kitchen window observing the smooth blanket of snow covering our yard, I have a urgent desire to become like a child again. I know what I will do just for today. I will bundle up with all my winter paraphernalia and go outside to create tons of snow angels or perhaps make a snowman. If I feel real brave, I might even attempt ice-skating again.

But once again adult common sense returns. Perhaps before I become a winter snow child, I better wait until the thermostat reads at least above zero. Until then I will snuggle up to the fireplace while seeping a warm cup of hot chocolate, pondering those wonderful childhood memories of winter in Walkerville, Montana.

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So true.

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Yes -- be quiet and listen.

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Well said

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Not so easy.

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