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Chubbs our cat


News Flash-Update on Chubbs:

It has been a week since Chubbs had seven teeth removed surgically. She is healing up quite nicely. She is quite a trooper. Chubbs also had to be put on a special diet for her kidneys. It is KD Prescription Diet cat food. She is still on the soft canned food. Chubbs doesn't care for the KD diet at all; however she is getting use to it. I found out that adult cats have 30 teeth, so losing seven still leaves her 23 teeth. I was concerned that she would be gumming her food so she will be able to chew the dry food just fine. I thank God for watching over her and our other four-legged critters: Annie, Tess and Baby.


Chubbs our cat

 Yesterday January 15, 2014, our 13-year-old cat Chubbs had surgery to remove seven teeth that were really in rough shape. She came through the surgery super. Today she is on soft food only and to bout a special kidney diet as her kidney's are not up to spar. She is resting and healing. It will take her a few days to feel better. She isn't complaining but I know her mouth must hurt. Animals don't seem to complain like us humans do. Chubbs likes to sleep in the bathtub. Yes, that's right the bathtub! At our home it is all about our pets—so to accommodate her wishes, her nice soft pink cat bed sits in the bathtub. Chubbs enjoys her designated sleep place and she gets to greet each person who enters our bathroom.

Prayer for our pets: May we realize that as our pets trust us to take care of them, so we should trust You to take care of us, and in taking care of them we share in Your love for all your creatures. Kindly bless my pet Chubbs. May Chubbs continue giving us joy and remind us of Your power to heal. Amen.” Taken from Prayer for My Pet holy card


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