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My car retired one month after I retired!

 Did my car have to retire just because I retired? What's up with that? My 1998 Mercury Tracer with over 162,000 miles on it, broke down the other day. It had to be towed into the repair shop. I am thankful that it decided to die parked in front of my friend's house instead of on a busy street in town. They estimated to have it fixed is $1700. The little green car has served me well over the years. I am so grateful for that. It truly is a blessed car as it has had many Rosaries and Divine Mercy Chaplets prayed in the car, while traveling back in forth to work and on trips, etc. I bought the Tracer in 1999 with $15,000 miles on it. I have had to replace most of the major things in the engine. But I figured it was less expensive to repair than to buy a car that I would have to make payments on with interest for years—done did that before! The best car is the one that is paid for. I am now retired from my job and on a reduced income and do not want to go into the world of car payments. My husband and I ventured into a car lot to look at used cars. We test drove a 2005 Ford Focus. Oh my, it ran real smooth. It was so clean. The body was in excellent shape. I was quite impressed. It had 135,000 miles on it which didn't impress me. However it had brand new studded snow tires. But the summer tires did not have enough tread on them to be usable. I always turn to St. Joseph in times like these asking for his intercession in guiding me to make the right decision. St Joseph sent my son to give me some good advice. My son who is quite knowledgeable about cars, suggested that I have an inspection completed by a mechanic to determine if the car was in good shape. The car passed all the mechanic inspections accept for the brakes in the front. The brakes needed to be repaired right away. I attempted to negotiate with the salesperson without success to come down on the price of the car since I had to have the brakes fixed and would have to invest in four summer tires. I shared with my husband who is also quite knowledgeable about cars and can talk car stuff far better than I. He visited with the salesperson and was able to come to a reasonable agreement. The salesperson fixed the brakes and the price of the car remained the same. Praise Jesus! There is something about guys talking to other guys about car things that seem to smooth out the bumps along the road of car dealing. I am now the owner of a 2005 Ford Focus. It is a great car at the right price and one in which I was able to pay cash for. I am very grateful. We decided to keep my little green car. My husband and son will work on repairing the car themselves this summer which will save lots of dollars in labor costs. My husband has a 1997 Ford pickup which gets terrible gas mileage. It would be cost effective for my husband to drive the Tracer for trips back and forth to town. Thank you Jesus for the men in my life-my husband, my son and my powerful heavenly intercessor, St Joesph!

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Jill | Reply 24.02.2014 12:17

Oh Connie, you are so fortunate to have such good and skillful men in your life. Praise God for your retirement!

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Yes -- be quiet and listen.

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