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Slow Country Road of Retirement

It will be two months on February 20th since I retired from my full time job. I ask myself—How am I adjusting to retirement? It probably is too soon to make a full reasonable and fair assessment of the world of retirement—but hey I have almost two months under my belt. I have always worked outside the home most of my adult life. When the children were little, I found employment working around their school hours—bus aid, lunch aid and a teacher's aid. I know now-a- days they call these positions something more professionally politically correct sounding. Working full time I found myself on the fast lane of a high speed interstate highway for many years. You had a certain amount of time for this and for that and trying to fit it all in your life without getting stressed out. After awhile of living life on high speed, you adjust and you view things as normal. Now that I am retired I am not required to set an alarm and get up at the crack of dawn. However my mind and my body still wants to operate on the high speed interstate highway of life. I found myself doing my housework and laundry in one day. Finally my husband took notice and said you know you don't have to do it all in one day anymore-take a deep breath and relax. Gee, I hate to admit it but he is absolutely right on the money. Now I am trying to relax and take a deep breath and exit the high speed interstate highway of life and travel on the country road with my horse and buggy. You know I am finding this country road of retirement is beginning to be peaceful and fun. I still have a schedule because I am not a very disciplined person. Schedules and my to do list keep me motivated. I am enjoying walking our dog Annie, hanging out with my husband, spending time with my son and friends, reading more, writing more, praying more, being able to go to daily Mass more, staying up a little later to watch those TV programs that use to come on too late for a working girl. I am able to listen to my Catholic Radio Station-Relevant Radio more. Just for today, I am embracing life as it is and enjoying the delightful resting places on this slow country road of retirement. Stay tuned for on-going updates!


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Tim | Reply 09.02.2014 14:11

Connie, I have been too busy to read your blogs...until now. An enjoyable read & good advise: we all need to slow down and partake of more important endeavors!

Connie Beckman 11.02.2014 21:38

It is great hearing from you. I know it is so hard to just slow down and breath in Jesus' presence.

Tobie | Reply 08.02.2014 11:34

Livin' the life, Connie! You've worked hard your entire life and this is a good time to just sit with Jesus for lengthy conversations.

Connie Beckman 11.02.2014 21:36

I like your vision to just sit with Jesus for lengthy conversations.

Maggie | Reply 08.02.2014 09:59

I like your approach - take a deep breath and relax. Jesus did that - up into the mountain he'd go for a breather. Fresh air. Fresh Spirit. Peace!

Diana Waite | Reply 07.02.2014 22:31

Hi, Connie. I understand the changes: with me it was the monastic 4:15 AM rising to a very leisurely Mission schedule! Veronica told me about your new car.Diana

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So true.

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Yes -- be quiet and listen.

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Well said

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Not so easy.

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