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Jack Frost Visited My Garden

Fall is my favorite time of year. However this week I've been grumbling a lot about the change of weather from 80 to 90 degrees to a chilly 27 degrees at night.

I gathered all the extra bedding, sheets and blankets that I could find in the house to cover up the tomatoes, zucchini, cabbage, and pumpkins. I was grateful that our garden is small and could for the most part get covered. I didn't cover the acorn squash as it is ready to be harvested. I said a quick prayer and hoped for the best.

Morning came and yes indeed it was a “hard frost.” I waited until the temperatures warmed up before I uncovered the plants. Sadly the zucchini was visited by Jack Frost. The tomatoes which are protected against the side of the house—survived a visit from Jack Frost. I picked all the zucchini and the acorn squash which were ready to be harvested anyway. Some of the leaves on the tomato plants suffered a little from the frost and so did the two remaining pumpkin plants but they should continue to ripen as the weather is warming up next week to 70 and 80 degrees.

I am just a rookie gardener and I rely mostly on the Internet for information on how to grow, harvest, process, and cook the veggies. The Search Engine Goggle certainly brings up a wealth of information. I just have to sort it all out. I love reading the comments to make sure that the information presented really does work.

Since I have never harvested or processed pumpkins, I was very grateful for the information obtained from the Internet. I did process one large pumpkin. Since it is my husbands turn to cook dinner this week, I gave him some cooked pumpkin to have as a side dish with dinner. In fact, he ate some for lunch as well. He said it is better tasting than the acorn squash. I froze four packages of processed pumpkin to use for pumpkin pies, bars and pumpkin bread.

I also made a pumpkin pie using the fresh pumpkin. I wanted to try this new recipe obtained from the Internet to see if it is a good one to bake pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. The pumpkin pie came out really yummy especially with cool whip. My husband said it is the best pumpkin pie he has every tasted. I have never made a pumpkin pie from fresh pumpkin before. Another first in my homemaker world!

I am not sure why I am Little Miss Homemaker lately but I am sure enjoying the journey into processing the veggies and trying new recipes. I know my mom and grandma are looking down from heaven with a smile on their faces because as a child and teenager you would never catch me in the kitchen cooking or baking anything.

Yesterday, I bought a box of peaches on sale and decided to can peaches today. Again Goggle Search Engine found me a really cool and easy recipe for canning peaches. I canned seven quarts of peaches which will be yummy come this winter. I had enough peaches left over to make a peach pie. I have never made a peach pie before-so off to the Internet I go. Goggle found me a good peach pie recipe. The recipe was easy and the pie taste great.

I have named my Goggle Search Engine, Grandma Goggle because she has never failed me yet in finding the right information for my garden, cooking, canning and great recipes.

Since I can't go directly to my mom or grandma, God has supplied me with Grandma Goggle to help this rookie gardener, cook and baker learn the magical and fun world of creating yummy delights for my family and friends. 

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So true.

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Yes -- be quiet and listen.

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Well said

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