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A Day In The Life Of Annie B

Annie our dog has trained us well. She has us wrapped around her paw thats for sure.

A typical day in the life of Annie consists of a ride in the truck with my husband to get a beef jerky at our local Town Pump. I know dogs can't tell time but Annie must have a built in alarm that goes off each morning at 9 am sharp. At about 8:55 am Annie starts to bark at my husband, just to let him know that it is time for her daily ride in the truck.

My husband is an on-time, stick to a schedule kind of guy, so it works well for the both of them. The ride into East Helena is a must have for Annie B. She likes to stick her head out the truck window looking for any signs of puppies, kids or big people as she sings--my name is Annie B and I live a life of luxury--its just dad and me and beef jerky!

After her daily ride in the truck, Annie begins to stay close to me. Annie follows me or I should say she stocks me as I go through each room of our home because she knows if she bugs me enough, I will take her for a walk.

Annie knows that I will walk her after my shower in the morning. She patiently waits outside the bathroom door. Annie is actually fairly patient with me because she knows when I am ready she will get to go on her walk.

Walking Annie is an interesting adventure. I pray my Rosary as Annie and I walk-so it is a slow, prayerful, leisurely stroll. As we walk, Annie seems to be in perfect step with the repetitious soothing rhythm of the beautiful pray of the Rosary. With her nose to the ground, Annie is very focused on anything that moves such as grasshoppers, bugs, moles, and weeds blowing in the wind. She pounces on her prey as soon as she smells or spots them which interrupts for a brief moment the flow of the pray of the Rosary. I don't mind these brief interruptions because it is after all Annie's walk time as well as my prayer time.

Annie loves to run and play ball outside as well as taking good, long naps during the day. Annie shares our home with our four cats. She is gentle with the cats and tries to herd them like sheep at times. Herding cats does not work well as you can imagine but she keeps trying.

Lately Annie has been sneaking into our bedroom at night and jumps on the bed. Annie is a very large 80 pound dog and takes up a lot of room in our queen size bed. Most of the time we just move over and allow her to snuggle in bed with us. We have entertained the thought of getting a king  size bed to accommodate enough room for Annie—but perhaps not.

We are very blessed to have Annie. She makes us giggle everyday as she showers her love on us as we say Annie B and beef jerky--Lives a life of luxury!

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Beckita | Reply 25.10.2014 18:40

Oh Connie! Gotta' love a life of luxury with your beef jerky-loving Annie. God bless you all.

Connie Beckman 25.10.2014 19:20

Becky, Yep indeed--Annie is so easy to love.

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So true.

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Yes -- be quiet and listen.

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Well said

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Not so easy.

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