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Foot Washing

 I was tired, wound-up and tensed-filled from a very stressful and busy day. I knew I needed to quiet myself. I turned the TV off, lit a candle, and opened my Bible. I closed my eyes, asking Jesus to come and be present before me. I sat there quietly, breathing in Jesus and breathing out the tensions of the day.

In my mind’s eye, I saw Jesus walking towards me. He was in a white robe with a red sash around his waist. He came and knelt down before me with a towel flung over his shoulder. There was a basin of water. He said “I want to wash your feet.” I said, “No, no Jesus, I am not worthy to have you wash my feet. It is I that must wash your feet for you are my King and my Lord.” The tears began to trickle down my cheeks.

Then He began to wash my feet ever so gently, looking into my eyes with such tender, merciful love. Jesus softly whispered, “I wash your feet to show you the depth of my love.”

His love flooded my soul. A profound peace filled my heart and my home.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Let Us Pray: Here I am Lord, sinful and sorrowful. I bow down before you my King and my Lord. As I sit in your presence, I breath in your peace and love. Come Lord Jesus kindle in me the fire of your love. Amen

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Beckita | Reply 17.04.2016 18:46

Praying for you, Connie. Can't say enough positive things about the Surrender Novena: http://tonyhickey.org/surrender-novena and the Prayer of Miraculous Trust https://charliej373.wordpress.com/prayer-of-miraculous-trust/

Laura Gibbs | Reply 28.02.2016 14:32

Thank you ever so much, Connie, for these writings. They really help me in my troubled life. Thank you for sending me the work prayer for my daughter. GOD BLESS

Leslie Lynch | Reply 14.02.2016 19:59

Beautiful meditation, Connie. Thank you for sharing it.

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So true.

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Yes -- be quiet and listen.

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Well said

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Not so easy.

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