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Happy Trails To You

   After 24 years of faithful service, our mail lady has retired. We live in a rural area with nearly 500 mailboxes on her route. Nancy drove her white station-wagon with the bright USPS mail sign on her car. Nancy also brought her dog with her on her route.

    Along with delivering the mail to everyone on her route, she left a dog biscuit in the mail box for those who had dogs. Well it didn't take long before all the dogs in the neighborhood would start barking when the white station-wagon was spotted. They all knew they were getting a mail-lady biscuit. Annie our dog just loved those mail-lady biscuits even though the biscuits we give her are the same brand. There was just something magical about those mail-lady biscuits.

    Frequently when Annie and I were out for our walk, Annie would spot the mail-lady in her white station-wagon coming down the road. It was very difficult to contain the 90 pound dog. She just got so excited because she knew a mail-lady biscuit would soon be delivered in the mailbox. Even if we didn't get mail, Annie always got a mail-lady biscuit.

    Nancy will be missed by all the people she served for years. I know all the dogs are going to miss her so much. She not only was a faithful worker but she showered her love on all the dogs in our neighborhood and that love was transferred to us as well. She made her job a ministry of love for all God's puppies, large and small.

   If the dogs could, I am sure that they would throw her a retirement party. They would bring their wagging tails and puppy dog kisses and of course Nancy would supply the mail-lady biscuits.

  Thank you Jesus for blessing us with Nancy who brought much sunshine and laughter into our lives.






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So true.

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Yes -- be quiet and listen.

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Well said

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Not so easy.

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