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Something Greater Is Here


...There is something greater than Solomon here...” Luke 11:31


   When I enter a Catholic Church the first thing I do after blessing myself with holy water, is to look for the Tabernacle where our Lord Jesus Christ is truly present. Jesus Christ is truly present Body, Soul, Blood and Divinity in the Blessed Sacrament. I am always so pleased when the Blessed Sacrament is front and center on the Altar where I can bow or genuflect to show my reference to Jesus.

    The difference in entering a non-catholic church compared to entering a Catholic Church is that the other churches are just buildings. Some may be quite beautiful and inviting. But take away the decor and you just have a building. However a Catholic Church is more than just a building, it is where the Blessed Sacrament is present. I experience Jesus' peace, joy and love by quietly sitting in front of the Tabernacle.

    I was watching one of Mother Angelica Classics the other day on EWTN and she was talking about the Blessed Sacrament. She said that some Catholic Churches took the Tabernacle and put it on the side of the Church or in a spare room or God forbid in a closet. If Jesus came to your home, would you put him in a spare room, closet or on the side of your home where no one could visit him? Of course not; you would give him a special place where all could come and sit at his feet.

    Jesus invites everyone to come and sit in His presence near Him in the Blessed Sacrament. Indeed there is something greater than Solomon in our Catholic Churches. It is Jesus Christ himself. May we always come to our Eucharistic Jesus in our need, our suffering, and our joy. He is our Savior and the best friend you will ever have on earth and in Heaven.




Is Jesus speaking to your heart? --“I thirst, I thirst for souls. I desire for you to come to Me. I am your Eucharistic King. I thirst for souls. I wait for you in the silence. I ask you to come into My Eucharistic Presence now, I am here. I am waiting to fill you anew with My mercies of love. I desire to make you whole. Come! You are invited.”









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Leila | Reply 08.03.2018 16:56

Connie, how beautiful and true!

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So true.

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Yes -- be quiet and listen.

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Well said

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Not so easy.

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