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Seeds of Faith

As I recall your sincere faith that first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and that I am confident lives also in you.” 2 Timothy 1:5


    Saint Paul's words to Timothy gives us some insight into Timothy's life as a youth. Timothy had a Greek father and a Jewish mother named Eunice. However it was his grandmother Lois who first became a Christian. It was his grandmother who instilled in Timothy and his mother Eunice the desire to become followers of Christ.

    Can't you just imagine the positive influence that his Grandmother Lois had on young Timothy? She lived her Christian faith day in and day out. I can't help but think that in the ordinary day of living, Grandmother Lois shared with her grandson all about Jesus whenever she was given the opportunity. She planted little seeds of faith not knowing for sure if they would produce any fruit in the young lad. She trusted that Jesus would take her grandson into his fold when the young lad was ready.

    Around the year 47, Timothy became a Christian and a little later joined Paul in his apostolic work. Saint Paul continued to mentor Timothy in the faith. “For this reason, I remind you to stir into flame the gift of God that you have through the imposition of my hands.”

    Grandmother Lois mentored the young Timothy first by her example and joy of being a follower of Christ. As grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends to our young people, let us not underestimate the positive influence we can have on them.  

   Through living out our faith each day and through our intercessory prayers for our little ones, we are planting little seeds of faith in them. The insignificant seed of faith planted maybe as tiny as a mustard seed and may take years to sprout. 

   Someday we may get to experience those tiny mustard seeds sprout into a large plant even if it is from the vantage point of our Heavenly Home. What joy there will be on that day!


Lord Jesus help me to be a loving, strong, joyful, and merciful mentor to the young people in my life. “Thank you, Lord that you will command your angels concerning them and guard them in all their ways.” Psalm 91:11



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Jill | Reply 20.04.2018 11:29

Thank you, Connie. I pray every Wednesday that I can plant seeds in my R.E. students. I love them, and I want them to know Jesus. God Bless.

Connie Beckman 20.04.2018 21:24

Jill, your beautiful Catholic witness is indeed touching these little ones.

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24.04 | 11:14

Find myself doing this also--so easy to find fault with everything though. Just sinful humans. YUK

17.04 | 13:35

Let us all commit ourselves to imploring peace, from our balconies and in our streets. May the leaders of nations hear people’s plea for peace. Pope Francis

17.04 | 07:04

Beautiful thoughts. Needed very much. Thanks.

23.03 | 04:31

Your insight of clicking this picture of nature from your kitchen window for this write up is amazing. God has blessed you with his grace, talent and love sis.

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