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Root Bound

   A root bound plant in a small container is a good image for me. I, as a follower of Christ, can get bogged down by tangled roots in my life. It is safe in my little container. I do not want to leave the security of my little world of following Christ. I am comfortable where I am at.

   However, God loves me so much that He wants me to outgrow my little safe container. The Holy Spirit desires to fill me with courage and boldness to reach out to others who need to know that someone cares.

    Sometimes I listen and act on the Holy Spirit nudges but many times I ignore them. It is difficult to leave my secure world and act on what the Holy Spirit is asking of me. I like the safety of my root bound container. It is risk free.

    In my prayer time over the last few months, I felt that nudge from the Holy Spirit. I have a cousin who lives really close to me. She has suffered so much from having cancer for many years.

    Growing up we use to spend summers at Grandma's cabin. We would ride horses and explore the magnificent hillsides and mountains. They were carefree and fun times.

    As adults, we drifted apart and went on with our lives. We had not seen each other for a long time. I knew that the Holy Spirit was nudging me to go visit her. I kept ignoring those nudges.

    However, the Holy Spirit is persistent. I was going into the grocery store a couple of months ago, and I seen a woman in a wheelchair being assisted by someone else. I looked at the woman as she passed by me and I thought for an instant that it was my cousin. I decided not to approach the woman in the wheelchair and went on my way.

    A few weeks ago, I bumped into my cousin's mother in the grocery store with my cart. We started to visit. I ask about my cousin and if she was up for a visit. Another nudge from the Holy Spirit. She gave me my cousin's phone number.

    I finally got it! The Holy Spirit would not quit until I climbed out of my secure root bound container. I visited with my cousin for a couple of hours recently. It was a delightful visit as we shared and remembered all our adventures growing up. I was blessed beyond blessed. I plan on visiting my cousin again soon.

    I am so thankful the Holy Spirit does not give up on me. My little root bound container had to be shook up a bit in order for me to finally be willing to do what God was calling me to do.

   It was a great lesson for me, to be willing to act on those nudges from the Holy Spirit. If I supply the willingness, God will equip me with all that I need to accomplish what He is calling me to do.


Help me Holy Spirit to listen and to be willing to act upon those nudges.

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21.06 | 13:10

So true.

28.02 | 07:56

Yes -- be quiet and listen.

14.02 | 12:50

Well said

13.02 | 19:05

Not so easy.

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