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Our Beautiful Catholic Faith

   Sometimes I stop and reflect on the richness and depth of our beautiful Catholic faith. I am just so grateful and blessed to be part of God's family. God in his majesty and infinite wisdom has made a strong light for us to follow here on earth—His Church. Within the Church God has provided us with all that we need to reach our Heavenly home. He desires no one to ever be lost.

    However, sometimes I just take God's Church for granted and end up not appreciating the absolute awesomeness of God's love for us.

    I recently participated in the celebration of the Assumption of

Mary's feast day August 15th at the Cathedral of St. Helena. I was overwhelmed at the splendor of the liturgical celebration of honoring our Blessed Mother on her feast day.

    The young, old, children, and babies filled the pews to give honor and glory to God and to show their deepest love for Our Blessed Mother Mary. The only words I could say at the end of Mass was—“Thank you God for placing me in the midst of your Church with my brothers and sisters. I am so blessed.”

    I recently discovered a very short summary of our Catholic Faith and wanted to share it with you. Its a keeper and one to be shared:


The Seven Sacraments


by Rev. Francis Spirago

The life of the soul begins at Baptism, it is fortified by Confirmation, brought to perfection by the Holy Eucharist; if the life of the soul is lost, it is restored by Penance and Extreme Unction; it is kept up by Holy Orders and Matrimony from generation to generation.”



Thank you Heavenly Father for your son Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church.


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Leila | Reply 18.08.2018 07:43

Thank you Connie for sharing your Catholic Faith with us.

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So true.

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Yes -- be quiet and listen.

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Well said

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