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Await the New Dawn with Joy

"Only a few hours more---and this year too will come to an end and pass into history. I too finish the year and await the new dawn with joy....I go down on my knees before my God and, recalling his kindnesses to me this year, I humble myself in the dust and thank him with all my heart."                    St. John XXIII

    These words  are profound and worth meditating on. As I was reflecting on these words and on 2018 which is quickly coming to an end, I want to extend God's blessings and grace upon you my dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus. My hope is that you stay close to Jesus each and everyday in the new year.

    I would also like to invite you to join with me in creating an gratitude of attitude list to start out the new year with a new dawn filled with hope and joy.

    Before you and I begin the list, I invite you to close your eyes and imagine that suddenly everything and everybody has been taken from you. You are utterly left destitute. Your home, food, water, warm clothes, car, family, money and it seems even God has been removed from your life.

    As I did this, I began to be thankful for a warm house, enough food to eat, a running car, my family, friends, God, the Sacraments of the Church and the gift of my faith.

    Sometimes I take things for granted and end up grumbling about all the things that are not right in the world, in my family and in the Church. I forgot that the God who took care of me and my family yesterday is the same loving, merciful God who is with me today and each and every day in the new year.

    On my gratitude list is also my sufferings and difficulties of this past year. I can say that the crosses that you and I have endured and our enduring, brings us to the Cross where Jesus crucified is sanctifying and purifying us. Through his merciful love, you and I are invited to surrender all of our difficulties to Jesus and in return He pours out his strength and grace to meet the needs of this minute, this hour and this day.


"Let the peace of Christ control your hearts, let the word of Christ dwell in you richly."

Gospel Acclamation for December 30, 2018





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Jill | Reply 01.01.2019 11:23

WOW, Connie, you are spot on!
Happy New Year and God Bless You!

Connie Beckman 01.01.2019 19:51

A very blessrd 2019 to as well

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So true.

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Yes -- be quiet and listen.

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Well said

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Not so easy.

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