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God doesn't make junk

“Before the rooster crows today, you will deny Me three times. And Peter went outside and wept bitterly.”  Luke 22:61

   Peter was heartbroken. He was filled with much grief because Jesus died and was gone. His friend whom he loved and followed was dead. His Master, his Lord, his beloved friend was gone.

   Peter was tormented with much shame and guilt. He denied Jesus three times. You can almost hear Peter lament: “My Jesus I should have been there for you. I should have defended you. But instead I denied that I ever knew you, my Jesus. Now it’s too late. Jesus, my friend is gone forever. I am rotten through and through. I am just a piece of junk.

   Peter wept bitterly. In his sorrow, Peter must have asked Jesus to forgive him over and over again.  This is why I can relate to Peter. I too, have denied knowing Jesus because of fear of what will people think. I have remained silent when I knew in my heart that I needed to speak the truth to someone about the faith. I wimp out at times, just like Peter.  I too, have been filled with sorrow, shame and guilt because of my sinful actions or inactions.

   However, the story doesn’t end there with Peter does it? And it doesn’t end there for you and I either. Jesus continues to beckons us to come to Him to be washed clean in His Divine Mercy. He restores our soul; He heals our broken hearts. Jesus, little by little infuses us with the graces to live and share our love of Jesus with others.

   God doesn’t make junk. I am the one who falls from grace. My heart gets filled with all kinds of junk. But the good news is Jesus is the junk collector. Each time I go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Jesus cleans out the junk in my heart.

   After the Resurrection, Peter and his disciples went fishing. Peter’s heart was filled with sorrow and remorse. But that all changed when Peter saw Jesus on the shore. Peter got so excited that he jumped into the water and swam to shore to greet Jesus, his beloved friend. Can you just imagine how Peter felt? He thought his friend was gone forever from his life.  Behold, there was his Lord and God beckoning him to come. What joy in being embraced by Jesus once again. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

May you and I always run to Jesus to be restored, refreshed, and healed. He is the Lover of our souls. Our souls are restless until they rest in Him.



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Bob & Jean Clark | Reply 01.05.2019 13:00

Very true. We need and get so much

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So true.

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Yes -- be quiet and listen.

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Well said

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Not so easy.

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