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“The God of mercy; he does not tire of forgiving. We are the ones who tire in asking for forgiveness, but he does not tire.” Pope Francis.

          Here I go again trying to make a good confession by doing an examination of conscience. It seems that my list of the same sins that I confessed 100 times is enslaving me once again. I wonder will I ever be free of those sins that I confess over and over again? 

          Confessing those same sins is an act of obedience and humility. It is pride that wants to keep me from confessing those same sins. But God did not call me to be prideful he calls me to be obedient.  As I prepare my heart for confession, I call upon the Holy Angels and Saints especially the Blessed Mother to intercede for me.

          There is graces flowing in each confession that will aid me to try again to avoid those persistent, habitual sins. I like to picture those habitual sins like an onion. When I confess them, one layer is pulled away from the onion. Perhaps I will have to go many times to confession before through grace that particular sin no longer enslaves me.

          Many times, I am given a special grace in confession that helps me to take steps in avoiding those habitual sins. The confessor encourages me to spend quiet time in prayer each day especially in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Each time I do, one more layer of sin is peeled off and cast away from me.


Lord Jesus may I never tire coming to you through the confessional even when I see no progress. Even though hidden at times, I trust that your healing grace is at work in my heart.

“God has brought us to the kingdom of His beloved Son in whom we have redemption through His Blood, and the forgiveness of sins.”                                                            Col 1:13-14

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21.06 | 13:10

So true.

28.02 | 07:56

Yes -- be quiet and listen.

14.02 | 12:50

Well said

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Not so easy.

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