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   Jesus is walking along the sea of life. He is calling to each of us: “Follow me.”  He doesn't drag us out of the sea of our sinful life, but constantly calls out, “Follow me.” When we cry out: “Help me. I am drowning in my cesspool of sin.” Jesus then comes. He walks on the water and takes our hand and says, “Come follow me, I will give you rest.” Jesus brings us to shore and gently wraps His healing arms around us.

   There are some that insist on walking in the sinful water just a little while longer. They continue to dabble in sinful behaviors risking to be sucked in by the powerful waves of the sea and become lost children. The best way not to dabble in sinful behavior is to avoid the near occasion of sin.

   Avoiding the near occasion of sin is a daily battle. We each struggle with avoiding the near occasion of sin. For me, it is slipping into being a couch potato with the TV remote in my hand. I enjoy watching certain programs or movies on TV. It is a fun form of entertainment and relaxation if done in moderation.    

  However, when I spend hours in front of the TV with my eyes glazed over, I am dabbling in sinful behaviors such as laziness and sloth. After hours of channel surfing and watching TV, I come away feeling depressed and irritable.

  When I can limit my TV viewing and include some spiritual reading coupled with some pray time, I am more peaceful and joyful. For me and for all of us, it is a matter of discipline. When I ask the Holy Spirit to help me avoid the near occasion of sin, I am more disciplined and motivated to seek a balance in using my time better. 

  Sometimes it’s not easy to allow the Holy Spirit to guide our decisions but it sure is the better way to peace and serenity.

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7


“Redeem us, Lord, because of your mercy.” Psalm 44                                                                       


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21.06 | 13:10

So true.

28.02 | 07:56

Yes -- be quiet and listen.

14.02 | 12:50

Well said

13.02 | 19:05

Not so easy.

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