Jesus I Trust In You







 On Christmas Day, God handed

his Son a big blue ball and said

Spin my child until each day is done!”

 So the child knelt down feeling

overwrought, but He spun that big

blue ball like a giant toy tot!

 Around and around God's

Love flew starting with Adam

and Eve. From there who knew!!!

 On day God said, “When the

world stops spinning, the evil one

will think AH, HA, I am winning.”

 As Christmases went by and

people stopped giving, that big

beautiful ball gave up

and stopped spinning.

 Jesus rushed down from His

Heavenly Home and shed His

Blood to cover earth's dome.

He shed for lost grace that

blocked Heaven's door. Shed

and bled until He could bleed no more.

 God's trumpet has called for

we Christians below to keep that

ball spinning with our blood too.

For God is our Father and He

doesn't care, if we are Protestant,

Catholic or Jew......

As we mingle our blood with

every religion and color, we will

proclaim Jesus is Everyone's


So rest my dear Jesus, put away

that toy tot our blood is the same

IS IT NOT?????

 The Angels are singing through

this Holy Night. Everything from

here on will be alright.

 Tomorrow is such a big, big day,

for tomorrow, Christ Child, we shall give



Roots And Wings

(Author Unknown)


Roots and wings I yearn for most of all. My longing to stay, my longing to go, come wrapped in the same package…I struggle.

It is very much the same when we fall into each other’s lives. Our roots say: Set up you tent! Be at home here!

Our wings say: Continue your journey! Don’t get root bound! Keep dreaming of something beyond!

When you love someone you have to let them go. It’s the only way to keep them. Weaving in and out of lives I’ve come to know.

The letting go as the surrender in that war between my roots and wings. It is blessing! It is grace! It is victory! It is pain!

St. Paul felt it too, (Philippians 1:21-26) Anguishing over his place on earth and his home in heaven!

I live now, not I, but you, all of you, live on in me!




For the Love of a Dandelion

By Leila

 My favorite flower is the Dandelion,

yellow, round like the sun.

I'd cry and cry when Dad chopped them down-

then he'd go get that WD-40 gun!

Up they would pop again, much to his dismay,

acres and acres of Dandelions

sunning in full array!

I lived between two tall trees,

dripping with Dandelion chains...

one on my wrist, a crown for my head,

laying in Dandelions, better than my

own feather bed!

The Dandelions hugged and kissed me,

and as I rolled, they became ever so bold!

Covered with Dandelion dust from head to toe,

covered with Dandelion gold.

The love of the Dandelion,

will never let you forget.

Whether you mow them down or WD 40 them,

Dandelions will never turncoat and run.

For they love you with the

love of God's own Son.

The years go by quickly now, I barley

fit between those two tall trees.

One day the Blessed Mother reached down

with a Rosary and said, “Child, if you please,

here's another kind of Dandelion chain

since you love to play. The time has come

that you must learn to pray.”

Whether I've been WD 40'ed or mowed down

yellow, pink or green, my prayer remains

the same.

God please pop me up again! Please forgive me

for all the wrong I've done. Forgive and love me

through the Mercy of your Son.”

I have an angel that's kinda lazy, that's why

God matched him up with me.

I've had to beg and coax him to carry Dandelions to

God's Mansion you see.

As feast days came and feast days went, off he'd go-flying

soon return smiling, his wing hardly in a sweat.

I'd warn him closely, “We're gonna face Jesus some day. Those

Courts need to be formally dressed.”

Why did God give me this angelic pest? Where is that

dreamy little angel? Did God tell him when my

time is near? I too, must die—It's the only

way up—I hear.

Dandelion Heaven, Dandelion Earth

Dandelions just the same-if you have the Heart

of a Dandelion! You don't care if your mowed

down, chopped up, turn yellow, pink or green!

All it takes is the wink of God's eye, and a

soft summer breeze...and up you will pop!

Laughing with your angel, tickled pink,

to be pink, yellow or green!

For it is Jesus Christ in Heaven,

Jesus Christ on Earth,

Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, that

really pops up and sets us free!

In the end, three things shall last-

Faith, Hope and Love and I say






When I felt you dying inside, my heart ached and I cried.

When I heard your silent screams I felt so powerless.

I wanted so much to ease your pain.

I got down on my knees and prayed from the

depths of my soul: “Oh, God, help my friend.”

God came and caught you as you fell into the dark and lonely night.

He placed you in his loving arms and held you ever so tight.

He led you to a secure and loving place,

surrounded by His never-ending love.

Then little by little, day by day, I

began to see glimpses of sunshine come into the depths of your heart.

Oh, what joy it is to see you, my friend,

blossoming into a beautiful rose.

As you go forward on this journey, always remember,

God and your friends will travel by your side day by day.

Indeed, you’ve had your share of thorns that cut and hurt deeply,

but you, my friend, have chosen to truly

experience the magnificent beauty of the rose.

and the Rose, my friend, is you!


Jesus Be With Me Now

By Connie

Do you hear the sorrow in my voice?

Do you see the sadness in my eyes?

Do you see the pain in my heart?


Do you know what I’m feeling sweet Jesus?

Do you know how many times I ask why?


Yes, my child, I hear the sorrow in your voice!

Yes, I see the sadness in your eyes!

Yes, I feel the pain in your heart!


My God will lift this burden from me!

My God will turn my tears into dancing!
My God will never leave me alone!


(Dedicated to our 17-year old son, David who

went to be with Jesus August 7, 1987)

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Find myself doing this also--so easy to find fault with everything though. Just sinful humans. YUK

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Let us all commit ourselves to imploring peace, from our balconies and in our streets. May the leaders of nations hear people’s plea for peace. Pope Francis

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Beautiful thoughts. Needed very much. Thanks.

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Your insight of clicking this picture of nature from your kitchen window for this write up is amazing. God has blessed you with his grace, talent and love sis.